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What is a Webmark?

A webmark marks a location on the web, just like a bookmark marks a location in a book. It's a web page, whose address you want to remember for some reason. Webmarks are often called bookmarks or favorites, especially when the webmark itself is stored offline on your PC.

What is A1-Webmarks about?

A1-Webmarks is a free service that combines the convenience of a personal webmark server with the power of social webmarking.

Personal Webmark Server

A personal webmark server is a website where you keep all your webmarks in a well-organized way, so that your favorite sites are easy to find, and available from any browser, everywhere in the world, at any time. Anywhere 1 click away.

A1-Webmarks offers

  • Hierarchical tagging of webmarks to assign them to a topic

  • Instant access to your most often used webmarks (your favorites)

  • Alphabetic indexing of your webmarks

  • Personal evaluation of webmarks

  • Private webmarks and private comments, visible only to you

  • Webmarks to password-protected areas or to your local intranet or files

  • Webmark search

  • Periodic checks of your webmarks to let you know, which pages are no longer accessible

  • Import and export of webmarks

Social Webmarking

Social webmarking uses the combined information collected by all A1-Webmarks users to point you to sites you are likely to like.

A1-Webmarks offers

  • Sophisticated evaluation of the community's webmark evaluations to show you "more webmarks like that" for all of your topics

  • Most popular webmarks amongst all A1-Webmarks users, separated by language

  • Most popular tags and their corresponding most popular webmarks

  • Access to the public webmarks and public comments of other A1-Webmarks users

  • Publishing lists of interesting webmarks on some specific topic

  • Rating of lists and list entries

  • Making proposals for new list entries

**The well known and widely used bookmark sharing service AddThis added A1-Webmarks to their list of supported services. This makes it even easier now for our users to webmark pages that use the AddThis button.

Learn more about A1-Webmarks here! ITS FREE! so why not give it a try?

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